Welcome to Little 5

Welcome to Little 5

Play-Based learning at its best!

Welcome to Little 5

Play-Based learning at its best!

Nature Rich - Loads of real grass

Nature Rich

Loads of real grass to roll around on

Nature Rich

Loads of real grass to roll around on

Preschool Friendships

Preschool Friendships

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

Preschool Frienships

Play-Based learning at its best!

What we offer

Musical Jams

Every Friday you can feel the vibrations from afar, as our children jam to the beat. Musical jams are our most loved activity of the week. Songs and movement being a key component of our Play-Based learning curriculum.

Healthy food

All food is prepared and cooked daily on the school premises, making sure that our food is fresh and healthy. Our extensive menu is fruit and veggie packed.

About us

Little 5 Sandton is a new preschool situated in central Sandton. Our name stems from South Africa’s Little 5 animals, which consists of the Leopard tortoise, Elephant shrew, Rhinoceros beetle, Ant lion and the Red-billed buffalo weaver. These little guys are affectionately known as Africa’s little heroes on the ground. Through Play-Based learning our aim is to encourage our learners from the ground up.

  • We know that education starts at conception and that the first 1000 days are vital for development and learning.
  • We focus on Play-Based learning for happy and content children.
  • Early childhood development is key.

Play-Based learning at its best!

about us


Little 5 Sandton is a nurturing preschool with dynamic Play-Based learning education. Our children are encouraged to move, experience, hear, see, name, understand and use while learning. The lessons are developmentally appropriate for each child. The playground and garden are an adventure waiting to be discovered by little inquisitive minds. Children have an innate desire for knowledge, this is nurtured by our Little 5 teachers in a safe and loving environment.


Little 5 is always a hive of activity, keeping our Little 5s busy and "play full". This is achieved by building a solid foundation through Play.

  • One of South Africa’s Little 5s is the Red-billed buffalo weaver. The Red-billed buffalo weaver is a social bird and breathes busyness. We encourage children to continuously "busy" themselves and enjoy Little 5s spacious outdoor play areas. Our school nurtures play in its natural nature rich grounds.

A few of our busy days have included:

  • Creating a Little 5 blanket fort in the school garden.
  • Coming dressed as your favourite superhero.
  • A live reptile show.
  • Musical jam sessions.
  • Teddy Bear picnics in the garden.
  • Tea parties with parents and grandparents.


“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may the world.”- Dr Seuss. At Little 5 friendships are formed and nourished.

  • One of South Africa’s Little 5s is the Leopard tortoise. Like the Leopard tortoise, we recognize that all children are different and encourage them to recognize this in one another.
  • Another one of South Africa’s Little 5s is the Elephant shrew. The Elephant shrew is often described as the cutest and this can be said for all of our children. The cutest friendships are formed on our school grounds.


Play-Based learning covers the core developmental areas that build a solid foundation for our children, with the help of their parents.

  • Another one of South Africa’s Little 5s is the Rhinoceros beetle. The Rhinoceros beetle is known for its resilience and it is the strongest of the Little 5 animals. Problem solving and concrete skills are a core focus of ours and is accentuated through purposeful play.
  • Another one of South Africa’s Little 5s is the Ant lion. The Ant lion is a playful creature which encompasses a big part of who we are. Learning through PLAY is an integral part of our curriculum.

We attract passionate teachers and assistants, to make sure that our teaching is consistent and play rich. Little 5s days are filled with play, fun, love and loads of laughter.


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Sep 2022
Teddy Bear Spring Picnic

Please bring your favourite Teddy Bear or soft toy to school for our picnic.


Sep 2022
Multicultural Pot Luck Lunch

Each year we celebrate our students’ diversity by inviting each family to send a favourite dish from their cultural heritage.


Nov 2022
Art Show

Welcome to our annual student art exhibition.

Educate - Don't Stagnate


Class sizes vary and are age appropriate, with a maximum of 12 children.
We enrol from approximately 3 months old and you can enrol at any time of the year.
The school is open all year and only closes for the December holidays. For the remainder of the school holidays, a full-day after-care program is available.
We have a wide variety of extra- mural activities on offer, at an additional cost. Please consult reception for more details. Examples of these include Monkeynastix, Little kickers, Music box etc…

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+27 73 601 5049

44 Edward Rubenstein Dr, Sandown, Sandton, South Africa

16 David St, Sandown, Johannesburg, South Africa