3 Exercises to Help Baby Get Stronger

These are some exercises you can do to help baby get stronger...

Tummy Time

Daily, supervised tummy time can begin as early as his first day home from the hospital. Start with a couple of three to five minute sessions. After you place your baby tummy down on a blanket or playmat on the floor, get down on your own stomach to keep him company. Smile, talk, sing, make funny faces, jiggle a set of keys, or put a toy within his grasp. Engaging your baby makes him want to look around, reach, and kick, which is what helps build the muscles he’ll need to roll over, sit up, and eventually crawl. At first, he may fuss during tummy time, but with practice and stronger muscles, he should begin to enjoy it. Gradually work up to at least 20 minutes of tummy play each day.


Pulling your baby up into a sitting position is another good way to strengthen the muscles in shoulders, core, arms, and back, Even though you’re doing the pulling, your baby will naturally flex the abdominal muscles and work to keep the head in alignment with the body, which helps strengthen the muscles and build balance. Support baby’s head if they are unable to do so themselves. While your baby is on their back, grasp the forearms and gently pull toward you. Make it entertaining by being animated and giving a kiss at each sit-up.


It’s a natural method for pushing air out of their system and a good way to work the legs, hips, knees, and abs. Put your baby on their back and gently move the legs up and around, as if they were pedaling a bicycle. Keep going as long as your baby shows interest by smiling, making eye contact, and kicking.