How to Support Listening and Attention Skills


How to Support Listening and Attention Skills

1. Watching a film at home is an enjoyable way to develop listening skills. Break it down into
chunks, such as 30 minutes each day. You could ask your little one a couple of questions
afterwards, such as what they thought about a character or what they have enjoyed so far.

2. Reading is fantastic for developing listening skills. Try to choose something that isn’t too difficult or too easy and make reading a lovely part of your daily routine.

3. While you are reading together, keep your phone in another room and turn off any screens. This way you can both give the activity your full attention, even if it is only for ten minutes.

4. When you are giving an instruction to your child, use their name at the start of the sentence.

5. Sit with your child at the same level, whether it’s on the floor, on the sofa or at the table.

6. You can help your little one to process the instruction. Speak slowly and ask them to repeat it back to you if you want to make sure they have understood.

7. It can be a good idea to give one instruction at a time rather than several instructions together.

8. Remember to praise your child’s efforts: ‘That’s good listening.’ ‘Well done for good sitting’.