In the Genes: Where Baby’s Looks Come From


We love to keep you informed and are constantly looking for ways to improve children’s lives. Have a look at this really interesting article on where baby’s looks come from: In the Genes: Where Baby’s Looks Come From Once I got pregnant, my husband and I became obsessed with whom o ...

Yoga in schools has ‘profound impact’ on behaviour


Because we like to keep you informed, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve children’s lives.Have a look at this really informative article on the benefits of Yoga in schools: A project taking yoga classes into schools has helped children with social and emotional challenges, acco ...

Screen time ‘may harm toddlers’!


BBC News – Screen time ‘may harm toddlers’! The verdict is in and this is definitely a huge concern for a lot of parents out there. Letting a toddler spend lots of time using screens may delay their development of skills such as language and sociability, according to a large C ...

When Do Babies Roll Over?


Rolling Over… Though you’re probably looking forward to your baby crawling and then taking that first step, she has another big movement higher up on her milestones list – being able to roll over. Rolling is an important milestone for a baby because it’s her first b ...

Understanding Baby’s Developing Vision


Understanding your baby’s developing vision is critical as a parent and here’s why… Baby’s First Blinks The second Baby is born, his vision kicks in and his visual development begins. At birth, your baby’s eyes have the visual acuity of 20/400, but his rapidly developin ...

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