Speech therapy tips for parents to use at home

Speech therapy tips for parents to use at home

Many children exhibit speech problems early in their development and parentsunderstandably worry about the child’s well-being and later success in school.If you’re concerned about language issues with your child, the first thing you’ll want to do iconsult a professional. They can h ...

Potty Trained Regression

What to Do When Your Potty-trained Child Suddenly Isn’t Understanding regression — and what to do So, you thought your child was potty trained. While you may feel disappointed or even frustrated, it is very common for children to go back to having accidents — temporarily. Having intermitt ...

Do Not Allow Your Child to Eat Beige


What does Beige food mean? Beige food means a diet high in refined carbohydrates and low in fruit and vegetables.Typically only feeding them carbs like white bread, potatoes, pasta and white rice. 10 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters Picky eating is often the norm for toddlers. After the rapid g ...

Educate - Don't Stagnate