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11 Advantages of Puzzles for Your Child’s Development

Puzzles are not only loads of fun but also extremely beneficial to your child's development... 11 Advantages of Puzzles for ...
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Reasons to Choose a Play-Based Preschool

We believe in play-based learning... and here's why: 33 Reasons to Choose a Play-Based Preschool, Not an Academic One Play-Based ...
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Walk This Way: Understanding Baby’s Walking Style

We do the research to stay informed and improve our care... Take a look at this incredibly informative article we ...
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Your Baby’s Developing Senses

Your Baby's Developing Senses The ability to see, smell, and hear are among your baby's most important learning tools. Find ...
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Your Baby from 19 to 21 Months: Curiosity and Independence

It's our job to ensure that parents are informed and we're always trying to find better ways of doing this ...
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In the Genes: Where Baby’s Looks Come From

We love to keep you informed and are constantly looking for ways to improve children's lives. Have a look at ...
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Monday -Thursday
07:00 - 18:00
07:00 - 17:00

Daily Menu Example


  • Jungle oats with honey or milk

Morning Snack

  • Fruit


  • Veggie packed lamb stew with rice

Afternoon Snack

  • Brown bread cheese and cucumber sandwich
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